About White Cross

White Cross Uniforms is a third generation family business based in Montreal, Canada. We distribute our uniforms across North America, into Latin America and other parts of the world.

It started in the late 1930’s on a more modest scale, when our grandmother, Rhame Ghantous, and her eldest son, Sam Lutfy, manufactured uniforms for nurses. And there was nothing modest about the product; they designed and produced dresses (that’s what they were back then, “dresses”, not “scrubs”) with such intricate details, and quality material, that it created the base of the foundation of the business:

QUALITY of materials, workmanship, and service.

Since 1950, Sam Lutfy, our father, owned the White Cross brand, which made its debut on the market in 1915. The brand recently celebrated its 100th anniversary!

Major Canadian department stores across the country proudly carried White Cross Uniforms. In addition to distributing to retailers across Canada, the company went as far as providing uniforms for nurses serving in the military; the Canadian Museum of Civilization has on archives one of our uniforms worn by these nurses in 1939!

Sam Lutfy built the White Cross brand, and he was proud of it. As children, we witnessed our dad at work, showing the latest collection, explaining the details of the garment, the fabric…( a lot of polyester back then!). We saw how every individual was important to him; respect and humanity came first regardless of ‘rank’.

He stood behind his brand; integrity at its best.

In the 1980’s, my brothers, Richard and Mark, and I, were already involved in various aspects of the business.  And with her flair for fashion and knowledge of retail, our mother, Madeleine, added her touch to styling and design. Her fashion sense reinforced, once again, the brand’s reputation for uniqueness and creativity. 

Together, we grew the brand, and have maintained the base of the foundation of the business.

This is our legacy.

White Cross - Wear it. Live it.

Bruce Lutfy

White Cross Rewards