What to eat when working at night?

Stephanie, from the blog the p'titefourchette and our blogger in residence for the season, shares with you what to eat when you work at night.


For some, it looks like it's innate night work. For others, it is a little more difficult and adaptation is more important. Some can eat a Chinese pie at 3am, while for others it just doesn't pass. For many, night work creates many challenges in the different spheres of daily life. Some studies have shown that when eating at night, the body responds differently to ingested foods because it is supposed to sleep. As it prepares for night fasting, it is more likely to store the energy that comes from the food consumed since energy expenditure will usually be reduced. So it's better to eat light, but more often! So bring nutritious snacks from home (fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt). In this article, I want to share with you some dishes that digest well and which by the same toy, is eaten well during a night shift.



A good dish of dough, it gives energy and it can be digested easily. Ideally, use whole wheat pasta for a satiety effect and for a high-fibre dish. A good trick, use half whole wheat paste and half white dough if you don't like it! You can use your spaghetti sauce or commercial tomato sauce, add some vegetables and some meat. A delight at night!

A sandwich

Ideally, try to favor whole wheat bread, again for the satiating effect and dietary fiber. You can make yourself a sandwich with salmon, ham, eggs, tuna... In short, use lean meat or fish. You can add cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, your favourite vegetables. Otherwise, raw vegetables next door is a great option.

Vegetable soup

A delicious homemade soup is also an excellent healthy meal choice. You can add legumes or a little chicken to get protein that will help you have energy for longer. You can also cook homemade soup and add powdered milk to increase the protein content of your soup. It'll make you a great meal that's easy to digest.

Homemade salad

Take some time to cook yourself a homemade salad. You can put your favourite vegetables and add a boiled egg, legumes or meat to get a source of protein. In addition to being filled with vegetables good for you, you will have energy. And we often eat less when we take the time to chew well. It's often long eating a salad...

Yogurt and fresh fruit

A bowl of yogurt, homemade granola and fresh fruit is also an excellent nutritious snack that gives energy and can be easily digested. Use your favourite yogurt, favourite fruit and homemade granola. If you don't want to cook them, there are some great in the business.


These ideas will allow you to eat better during your night shift and above all to have enough energy! Change the ideas for dishes above using the foods you have at home and the ones you love. Keep in mind that it's best to eat smaller, nutritious meals more often! On that, good shift!


La p'tite fourchette

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