The Best Potluck Recipes

You have a Christmas party soon and everyone has to bring a dish? If you are one of those who never know what to bring in these famous "pot luck", I offer you some ideas that will surely please other diners. In addition to being delicious, the recipes are easy to cook... Because it's my priority to simplify cooking!


Dessert au chocolat, noix et érable

  1. Chocolate, walnut and maple dessert

I start with a dessert because even if you are no longer hungry, the diners will be tempted. This recipe cooks well with leftover chocolate and nuts at home. This dessert is easy to cook, no culinary talent is needed!

For the recipe, click ttp:// <> 2>C2%A <> title"Dessert with chocolate, walnuts and maple "target"_blank" rel"noopener noreferrer"> here.


Gravalx de Saumon fumé et betterave

  1. Salmon gravlax with beetroot

Personally, I think this recipe is very festive! Beetroot brings a beautiful color to salmon! The gravlax is prepared very easily, a few days in advance. This refreshing bite is well served on a bread crouton. In short, it's an easy and much appreciated recipe.

For the recipe, click here.


Brie fondant aux cannebarges et pacanes caramélisées à l'érable

  1. Melting brie, cranberries and pecans caramelized with maple

A good melting cheese is always a winner! And if you add fresh cranberries and caramelized pecans, everyone will love it! A beautiful recipe that is prepared at the last minute, for those who run after time.

For the recipe, clickhere.


Bouchées de poutine, sauce au foie gras

  1. Chicken bites, foie gras sauce

This decadent and dirty bite will please the greediest!! Personally, I used a commercial foie gras sauce. You can cook it, if you want to. It's super easy to cook... You have to cook the potatoes, heat the sauce and assemble the bite!!

For the recipe, click here.


Tarte fine aux pommes et fromage de chèvre

  1. Fine apple and goat cheese pie

This chic recipe is very simple to cook. I suggest you use a commercial puff pastry as the basis for the recipe. It is possible to cook it yourself, but it is longer. In short, all you need to cook this recipe is puff pastry, apples, goat cheese and a little oil.

For the recipe, click here.

With its 5 recipes, you are sure to be successful at your "pot luck" holidays (and even at all times)! They will prevent you from breaking your head and simplify your life!! On that, happy holidays!


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